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Simulating a Bicycle

Recently we worked on a project where we needed to power custom electronics with electricity generated from cycling. To figure out what dynamo was most suitable for the job, we needed to characterize them in a repeatable manner.

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Quickly Updating Your BOM After Design Changes

Updating the Bill Of Materials manually is tedious and error-prone, especially for PCB designs with many different components. The alternative is exporting a new BOM after every design change. The downside is that you will lose all manual edits, such as formatting or pricing information.

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We integrate hardware, software, signal processing and data visualization to work together seamlessly.

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Data Acquisition and Analysis

Frogwatch Dashboard

The online dashboard that comes with our Frogwatch Vibration Sensors. The Dashboard is an easy place to configure the sensors view and analyse the measurement data and setup automated reporting. The data is presented in several user friendly ways.

Click here for a live demo (only available in Dutch).

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Frogwatch USB

Realtime measurement data on your laptop through a USB connection. This desktop software is used for live viewing of vibration waveforms and logging to csv data.


Lithium Battery Packs Under Construction

Newly Assembled PCBs

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