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MicroSD performance on memory-constrained devices

MicroSD cards. They are used in phones, cameras and all kinds of devices. A no-brainer to add some extra storage capacity to your project. They are advertised by their average read/write speed in MB/s. But there is a metric that is at least as important for certain applications: latency…

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Simulating a Bicycle

Recently we worked on a project where we needed to power custom electronics with electricity generated from cycling. To figure out what dynamo was most suitable for the job, we needed to characterize them in a repeatable manner.

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We integrate hardware, software, signal processing and data visualization to work together seamlessly.

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Data Acquisition and Analysis

Frogwatch Dashboard

The online dashboard that comes with our Frogwatch Vibration Sensors. The Dashboard is an easy place to configure the sensors view and analyse the measurement data and setup automated reporting. The data is presented in several user friendly ways.

Click here for a live demo (only available in Dutch).

Need help with analysing and presenting your data?

Frogwatch USB

Realtime measurement data on your laptop through a USB connection. This desktop software is used for live viewing of vibration waveforms and logging to csv data.


Lithium Battery Packs Under Construction

Newly Assembled PCBs

Kind words from our clients


"Jullie werken snel naar een eerste prototype toe, maar tegelijk precies en gestructureerd."

"We zijn bijzonder tevreden over de samenwerking met jullie. Jullie werken snel naar een eerste prototype toe, maar tegelijk precies en gestructureerd. Het is prettig om snel resultaat te zien en vervolgens te kunnen testen en ondervinden wat er wel en niet goed werkt. In dat proces zijn jullie bovendien flexibel en klantgericht, waardoor het eindresultaat zelfs beter wordt dan aan de voorkant gedacht. De firmware die jullie schrijven is flexibel en overzichtelijk en in het proces van bug fixen zijn jullie vlot met oplossingen en denken actief mee. Ik kan daarom niet anders dan jullie aanraden bij elk bedrijf dat een product met een elektronisch component ontwikkelt.""

Daan Domhof - Co-Founder at Dental Robotics

"Ingmar and Sjors can actively participate in discussions towards a final design."

"Knowing Ingmar for quite some time already, I knew where to go when I needed some special designed hardware with partially unknown demands. Ingmar and Sjors can actively participate in discussions towards a final design. After some initial discussions we got a clear outline of different aspects of the costs.   When we received the product, it exceeded expectations. The system was easy to operate and recorded measurements at required frequency. Once I installed a wrong driver but moments later, with support from Ingmar, the system was fully functional again.   Next time I need customized data acquisition or measurement systems, I will be very happy to contact Jitter again!"

Gelmer Bouwman - Process Engineer at Kreber B.V.

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