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Why Jitter

Our challenge is to discover the question behind your question to get to the essense of the problem. That is how we solve the most fundamental problem and prevent unnecessary work.

Flexibility is the key to achieve a quick and high-quality solution. We can take a concept from specification to production, allowing you to focus on your domain.


Jitter was founded in 2015 by Ingmar Jager and Sjors de Wit. However, we originally started out in 2012 as Team Eva, an interdisciplinary team developing prototypes for Care Robot Eva in cooperation with Delft University of Technology.

The idea behind Robot Eva is to help (home) care professionals by taking over easy and repetitive tasks, giving the professional more time for personal attention to elderly or people that need care. The skills and technologies developed for these robots are now used by Jitter to develop other smart devices.

Eva 1
Eva 2