Sensors and the Internet of Things

Sensors are everywhere, monitoring all kinds of places and systems. When we connect these sensors to the internet they are suddenly part of β€œThe Internet of Things (IoT)”.

Range vs battery life vs costs

The main trade-offs when developing a new IoT product are the required wireless range, the battery life and the costs. Sometimes dimensions or weight is important as well.

Dashboards and real-time web apps

Dashboards are used to summarize and present sensor data in the most effective way for your business. The most important metrics are on the top of the page, with more specific and detailed data underneath. The summary is complementary to powerful tools that quickly navigate thousands of records, events and data points.

An online dashboard is a web service that provides users with access to business information such as metrics and KPIs using a web-browser. Sometimes Dashboard refers to an entire website or real time web application. Other times it is only a specific page in a website or app that summarizes important data like an info graphic.